“Yarden ” Portable Restroom Trailers

SKU Large Trailer 60003, Small Trailer 60004

“Yarden ” Portable Restroom Trailers: The lavatory includes 2 cells with separate entrances, For 180 people.

The toilet car is operated by a running water system and is not chemical. The car operates as an independent unit without the need for any local infrastructure (electricity or water).

Power supply is required if you want to use the air conditioner equipped with the caravan or if you want to activate strong peripheral outdoor lighting.

The car can be placed in any field condition and is intended to serve all types of events. The car is especially suitable for small events, photography crews, Service and establishment teams (supplier services) and more.

At each wash, water rinses the toilet and accumulates in a sealed waste collection container, which prevents odors.

The air conditioning unit is equipped with an air conditioning unit (a16 A16 electrical connection), ceramic toilets, concealed wash tanks, high quality soaps, paper towels, garbage cans, A light, stable, wide and safe staircase leads to a carriage.

It is possible to have a cleaning and maintenance service during the entire event. You can also combine a mat, grass or any other ground cover and garden furniture for an aesthetic look outside the car.

We have two “Yarden” types:

A trailer on a small trailer:
Length of the car: 3.29 m, length of the caravan + extraction: 4.63 m, length of the exit 1.32 m, width: 2.32 m. Cell height: 2.08 m.
Height Asphalt – Surface 66 cm, surface roof Services 2.08 m (cell height), asphalt vertex 2.74 m.

Color: white

A trailer on a large trailer:
Length of the car 4 m, length of the caravan + exit 5.30 m, length of the exit 1.30 m.

Width: 2.31 m, Width with steps 2.86 m, cell height 2.08 m. Height with a projector 3 m, Height Asphalt Surface 65 cm, surface roof Services 2.08 m (height of cabin), asphalt vertex, 2.74 m.

Color: white