Square plates

SKU Detailed in product description 1

Square wooden plates stabelizen by metal legs, require a tablecloth.
The plates come in different sizes that can be fitted with legs in different heights:

0.60/0.60 plate – used a simple bar table. sits 3-4 (SKU 16200).

The following plates can be rested on an “X” with the height of 0.40/0.75 or on a podium of any other size:

0.80/0.80 plate – sits 4 (SKU 16201).
1.20/1.20 plate – sits 8 (SKU 16202).
1.60/1.60 plate – sits 10-12 (SKU 16203).

  • When adding the product to the quotation, the table dimwnsions and height must be written.