Round Plates

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Round wooden planks are stabilized by metal legs (these tables require a tablecloth).

There are round plates in a number of sizes, for which legs can be adjusted at different heights:

–  0.60 diameter plate serves as a simple bar table. Suitable for 3 – 2 people (SKU 16100).
–  1.80 diameter plate with folding legs at a height of 0.75. Suitable for 12 people (SKU 16104).

The following plates can be placed on an ‘X’ at 0.40/0.75 or on a podium at any other height:

– Plate diameter 0.80 Suitable for 4-5 people (SKU 16101).
– Platter diameter 1.20 suitable for 6-7 people (SKU 16102).
– Platter diameter 1.60 suitable for 9-10 people (SKU 16103).

A half-circle plates that can be attached to the sqare plater or podium with corresponding widths are also available:

Half circle plate 1.20 diameter (SKU 16400).

  • When adding the product to the quotation, the table dimwnsions and height must be written.