“Dan” Portable Restroom Trailers

SKU 60000

“Dan” Portable Restroom Trailers: Includes 4 cells, 2 each side (2 women’s lavatories, 2 lavatory for men).

Designed for about 400 people.

Thel lavatory caravan is operated by a running water system and is not chemical, the system is independent and the service is provided by a maintanance and cleaning employee for the duration of the entire event, with a high level of finish and elegant design, air conditioning and background music, while maintaining uncompromising cleanliness.

The car operates as an independent unit without the need for local infrastructure (other than electricity). It can be placed in any field conditions and is intended to serve all types of events: weddings, nature and field events, conferences, film productions, fashion, advertisements and more.

With every wash, a stream of water rinses the toilet and is stored in a sealed waste collection container, which prevents bad odors.

The caravan includes air conditioning, toilets and changing pots, concealed wash tanks, high quality soaps, paper towels, garbage bins, air freshener and toilet paper, lighting, background music, full-length interior and body mirrors, hair dryer, hot and cold water for washing hands, wooden toilet seats, locking for each cell and vents.

A well lit, stable, wide and safe staircase leads to the lavatory. The rental of the lavatory caravan includes a maintanance and cleaning person for the duration of the entire event.

Caravan lenght dimensions: 4.70 m, Caravan + exit lenght 6.10 m gross, width 2.30 m.

Color: white