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    “Guy Eyal” company specializes in the construction of tents from a variety of fields and sizes.

    The company serves as the official representative in Israel of the Belgian company “Veldeman”, sells and rent tents manufactured by the company.


    The company stock contains thousands of meters of tents of different sizes.

    From a key (width) of 3 meters to a key of 25 meters.

    The tents are suitable for use in events, fairs, conferences, exhibitions, parties, family celebrations, winter closures, pools and storage purposes.

    The tents are modular, beautiful, built according to strict international standards and are resistant to any weather.

    All our tents have standard and safety approvals required by law.

    Our work teams are professional and undergo training in Israel and abroad, as well as our strict adherence to safety issues, whether in the establishment, engineering approvals and proper work materials.

    Our tents are regularly set up for long term rentals as well as daily rentals, inn companies such as Teva, Elbit, Kapaim (the Tel Aviv Marathon) and more.

    Our logistic warehouse is located in the Emek Hefer industrial zone.

    Feel free visit with advance notice.


    All tents are made of galvanized aluminum with a galvanized steel anchoring base.

    The cover and side sheets are made of PVC.

    The sheets were treated with flame retardant material and successfully tested by the Israel Standards Institute.

    The roof and side panels of the tent are opaque and white. Side sheets with transparent windows are also available.

    The windows do not open but each side sheet can be moved to create and opening.

    The tent is fixed to the surface on which it is placed in two ways: sting pins in the tent bases and / or weights.

    Heating and cooling devices can be provided to the tent: fans, air conditioners, heating guns and electric heating screens.

    In order to receive a quote for renting / buying tents for events, please contact us.

    By telephone to the sales office: 09-8665168

    Or email: ayal@guyayal.co.il

    We will be happy to advise and to be at your service.