Renting party equipment requires noticing details:

 Where is the party? Outdoor? Indoor? What is the forecast?

Who are the guests? Estimated guest number, “character and style” of the guests.

What atmosphere you want at the event?

What is the budget?

At “Guy Ayal” there are many items for parties:

Sitting areas: chairs,stools, sofas, couches,benches  and more.

Bar furniture: a selection of bar chairs, wooden and padded, steel stools, fancy dining chairs and more…

Bar Tables: square, round in different colors and sizes.

For teen parties we recommend renting benches, mats with pillows and bean bags (we have a wide variety of colors).

For  kids we recommend renting mats, colorful pillows and low tables for playtime and Creation.

For family parties with guests from all ages we recommend combining several kinds of furniture:

mats, futons sofa , bean bags, comfortable sitting areas and bar furniture for adults.

For cocktail parties, dancing parties etc. we recommend renting bar chairs and tables.

Besides party equipment we also provide stages for performances and dances, establishing bars in any size or kind.

Signs from coulisse and more…

all of these are being custom made to perfection your event!

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