We build stages in any size and height for a variety of uses: conferences, shows, weddings, dance floors and pool covers.

We establish stages out of podiums for different uses, in different heights, in any size and shape and for any possible use: weddings, dance floors, stages for shows and more. The podiums also use for building trails and stairs.

The stages can be painted or cover with different materials, there are also transparent stages, that use mainly as dance floors or covers for pools.

The stages are being built with supervision and stand through the most strict safety regulations and that is why every stage over the height of 0.60 cm requires a permission.

The stages can carry 750 kg per square meter.

Accessories for stages:

Railings in the height of 1.1 meters, in different lengths.

*silver railings

*stainless steel railings

*black or white lining for stainless steel

We also rent ramps for disabled people in two sizes: 0.80/1.20 meters, 1.20/1.20 meters

Guy Ayal presents stage rental for events in attractive prices:

There is an option to make stages backs from coles in different sizes:

*2.50/1.22 colisa

*2.50/1.22 double-sided colisa

*1.25/1.22 colisa

*1.25/0.60 colisa

*2.50/0.60 colisa

Stages backs can also be created from terraces.

Before you order a stage ask the following:

*what is the required size?

*what is the required height?

*are railings necessary?(in every stage higher than 0.60)

*are stairs needed?

Measures: by square meter, according to request.

Colors: black/white or any other custom ordered color.

In order to get an offer for a stage, contact us through E-Mail or fax with the relevant details and we would love to get back to you.

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