השכרת אוהלים במחירים אטרקטיבים - גיא אייל

 A great way to have an event outside is through renting a high quality tent from “GUY AYAL” The tent can be established anywhere: in the beach, park, forest, and even in your backyard on any surface. The tents are consumed by clients for fairs and conferences in order to create the right area.

What are the parameters for choosing a tent?

Size of the tent- if you choose to rent a tent, it is important to select the right company for the task, it is important they will have a wide variety of tents to offer you, so you could easily decide. Choosing the size of the tent should consider the number of guests, type and style of the event, and is it a seating event?

Buffets, dance floors, bar areas? All of those questions are essential for the process. You are invited to consult us.

Type of the tent – it is important to match your tent to the weather conditions, for example, if the event is during the winter, it is important to choose a  strong, stable tent that is resistant to wind and rain, or during summer time, an open tent or a closed air conditioned tent would be suitable.

Accessories needed for the event – tables, chairs, seating areas, fens, sunshades, home lighting, fancy restrooms and more different essential items for your indoor/outdoor event.